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10 Fabulous British Yarns

Fiona Brennan

We love our British hand-dyed yarn. There really is nothing quite like it and thankfully there is a lot of it to choose, try and knit with. We have put together this list of the 10 yarns which we are particularly in love with at the moment. It was really hard to keep this to just ten.


I am not-so-secretly stalking Kate Davies. From the moment I stumbled upon O W L S on Ravelry it was love at the needles. I love Kate Davies' approach to knitting and yarn, how everything is so carefully thought through and the back story lovingly told. So when this yarn was launched earlier this year, I knew it would be nothing less than superb. She took her readers through every step of development and the care that went into every single decision.


One of the first to really get the beauty of hand-dyed yarn and Fyberspates experience really shows through with both the colour and quality of yarn. An impressive selection of colourways and weights.


I once made my family take a detour on a day trip out so I could go to Baa Ram Ewe and see this soft and billowy yarn in real life. It was worth every moment and I spent the rest of that day stroking the hanks and scouring Ravelry for the perfect pattern. Not only is this yarn named after someone who made Bradford famous but also there's a new Bantams colourway; a perfect shade of claret for which I already have plans to turn into a personal project this autumn.

Baa Baa Brew

Hand dyed in a kitchen in Brighouse and named after areas of Brighouse, this yarn takes its heritage seriously. Baa Baa Brighouse also champion other indie dyers in the Yorkshire area so for that, we salute them. Plus, they took it in good humour when I inadvertently invited myself over to their kitchen for a chat when I thought it was a bricks and mortar shop around the corner from my mum's house. Oops.

Countess Ablaze

Countess Ablaze has some of the most fantastic colourways and varigated yarns available and to top it off she has one of the best naming techniques I've seen. Mostly, I love the dodgy 90s metal references which take me back to my own teenage years but she breathes life into her yarns unlike any other.

Eden Cottage Yarns

Eden Cottage Yarns have been so supportive of what we do here and when we tried to pop and say hello at Leeds Wool Fest, Victoria was mobbed and we couldn't get close. The reason for this is she pulls out some truly gorgeous yarn from her kitchen in Yorkshire. Her choice of colour is superb and her yarn is always fantastic to work with.

Daughter of a Shepherd


Dark and earthy yarn that comes in limited runs and really knows the source of the fabric. This is truly heritage yarn. This is the wool-world equivalent of rare vinyl, a first edition classic or limited edition print. This is for making heirlooms to last.

Old Maiden Aunt

Described as making a mix-tape for yarn, this is the sort of wool we can really get into. Limited runs which are beautifully painted.

Skein Queen

The colour, the squish, the rainbow of choice. It is like being in a sweet shop looking at the yarn choices in Skein Queen. These run out of stock fast so get in there quick.

Uncommon Thread

Just look at that yarn! How can a yarn make you want to go raving? I have no idea but this does. Unique yarns from British breeds, these yarns light up. Every ounce of the process in making this wool is thoughtful and careful.

So, that's our small round up that really does not do justice for what is happening in British yarn production at the moment. This definitely requires a sequel, if not trilogy post. What yarns would you like to see included in future boxes to try? What should we have included here that is desperately missing? Let us know in the comments.



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