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Welcome to Sonic Knits

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These past few months has been up there in the Top 10 most anxious and exciting times of my life. Long days and late nights have all added up to the launch of this project; friends and family have had to talk me down from the edge but none more so than my business partner, Gina (who also happens to be my mother-in-law). She has kept me grounded with sensible advice and a willingness to say 'no' to me when I've needed it.

A little over a year ago my maternity leave had ended and I found myself in a new town and in need of a job. This coincided with an email from a fellow Crouch-Ender and founder of the wonderful Nest knitting shop saying she had sold the business and was off on a new woolly journey. I would have loved to owned a shop as beautiful as Nest, to be paid to knit all day and talk about knitting with the customers.

It was followed by another email from an online shop owner wanting to sell their business. I called Gina right away and we talked through the start up capital we would need for such a business. We were both excited about the idea of owning our own knitting shop but rather than get carried away with the dream we felt it wasn't for us right then.

That is when I came up with the idea for Sonic Knits. I loved the idea of knitting kits, something that turned up on my doorstep each month with a fabulous project inside. I started to research what was out there already and was amazed by what I didn't know about the knitting world. I would walk down to the local market where I live and meet women who were rearing in the area and spinning the wool themselves for small runs of kits. A trip to my hairdresser opened up a chance meeting with a designer and on it went. I wanted to share what amazing things these great people were doing.

Making this idea a reality has been harder than I imagined. It was not just the financial outlay that was scary but every time I researched how to do something, five other things I needed would pop out of it.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed the journey getting here.


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