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Fiona Brennan craft knit knitting secret teaser yarn

Pst... Want to know what is in the first box?

Sorry, that will ruin the surprise but I can tell you we have a collaboration with a fantastic designer for a light-weight project which will take you through to the end of spring and won't be too heavy for the warmer months. Think something for late nights in the beer garden or around the campfire.

The yarn is coming from one of my favourite producers, who is based near to where I was born, (Yorkshire is a good starting point). We have some lovely needles in the box for you to add to your stash and something special as it is our first launch the first. Plus a couple of treats for your haberdashery collection.

We've picked colours that will complement this season's styles.

Check out the instagram feed over the coming weeks for teasers over at @sonicknits



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