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And we're off!

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Orders are in for the first box and we are so super excited to share our launch with you that we cannot wait for 1 June to roll around and get these boxes out first class. 

The stock has started rolling in and we have had some wonderful conversations the women who have collaborated on this. We will be sharing these with our subscribers - or the Sonic Knits Crew as we like to think of you all - on 2 June when you should have all received your goods.

We'll be sharing the contents of the box on the blog when we know that all of our subscribers have received their kits.

We took a coffee break and re-grouped at the weekend to start planning the next box and have been reaching out to contributors for collaborations on July's box. It is going to be a great kit for a Summer knit and again, we are in awe at what you good, creative folks out there do for your crafty-livings.

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If you want to contribute on a future box, please do get in touch for more information.


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