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The little things that matter.

Fiona Brennan

Here at Sonic Knits, we don't have anything like a mission statement - unless bringing you tip top knitting goods counts? That is a good mission to go on each month. We do however, think that it is the little things that count. Which is why we have decided to share our lovely little box-sealers (aka stickers) with you. Ta-da!

Okay getting excited about stickers might be taking it a little bit far but we want every last bit of this subscription to really express who we are, who are makers are and what we are about.

You can easily grab a free pattern and some cheap yarn each month to make some fantastic projects. We know that, we do that ourselves. But out there are some folks who really love what they do, that look deep into the heritage of the animals, the products they work with, the tools they use and the craft they create and we think that deserves celebrating. We think that using yarn, patterns and products produced by cottage industries really matter. Call it a hang over from working in independent music where artists held down day jobs to put food on the table so they could make their art because they had to.

I think that is at the centre of who we are at Sonic Knits, we do this because we have to. If we didn't then there would be hole in our lives where we don't get to do something we love doing.

This is why we always pay our designers for their patterns whether they give them away for free or not. Why? Because when you receive a pattern, it is more than just instructions on a page. There is a whole background of work that has gone into it which as buyers, we don't often see and that deserves payment.

Here at Sonic Knits we don't roll with payment terms of 'exposure' or 'experience'  because we think that what our collaborators do is superb. One of our favourite designers, Woolly Wormhead has written about the whole subject so much more eloquently over here on her blog.

So, everything you get from a Sonic Knits subscription box has had so much love, care and thought put into it from us guys here sourcing all the products and the makers you read about who have done the hard work creating the products.

We are busy squirreling away on July's box at the moment; something that will be very handy for a summer knit on light-weight wool. The first boxes ship out in just over a week and we are looking forward to some of the reveal plans we have in store.

In the mean time, if you would like to win one of our Sonic Knits project bags then comment below with what secret woolly mission you would like to be sent on. It could be yarn-bombing Buckingham Palace, paying-it-forward with secret hats for the elderly or an undercover knitting race around all your favourite yarn shops supermarket-sweep style. You have two weeks to accept this mission, this blog post will self-destruct in 10... 9...

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  • TErri on

    I would love to go to a cabin with my knit gals and spend time relaxing, chatting and knitting. In this fantasy, we are all knitting something small for ourselves with a luxury yarn.

  • KittenWithAWhiplash on

    Shhh! Don’t tell anyone, but I’m on a secret mission. I’m travelling through time, talking to crafters from the very beginning of the world, and collecting their patterns that have never been published. Thanks for the giveaway – I’ll check back when I return from ancient Mesopotamia.

  • Shannon on

    My secret mission would be knitting a beautiful Celtic design sweater while sitting on top of a green hill in Ireland with sheep wondering around.

  • Robyn on

    Hard to choose just one mission…I think I would like to attend a special class where I learn to knit ten times faster than I do, so I can make all the projects in my queue.

  • Carmen N on

    My mission, if I choose to accept, will be to knit a dozen hats to donate to charity – but only using stash yarns (I have plenty!)

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