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Fiona Brennan craft DIY knit knitting yarn

If, like us, you are eternally searching for where your stitch markers have disappeared to (we suspect hiding with the hair clips), then the answer is Atomic Knitting's snag-free stitch holders which come in their own storage tin; significantly slowing down the speed at which they can make their way down the back of the sofa cushion.

By Atomic Knitting
Atomic Knitting celebrates its 10th birthday this year, which given that it is an online business which started before Facebook cottoned on to its marketing potential and Instagram was unheard of is something to truly celebrate for an online store. Atomic Knitting is a one-woman show and we caught up with Emma to chat about how she crafted her business over the past decade to bring you quality, hand-made accessories.

How did Atomic Knitting start?

“10 years ago I had a full time job and Atomic Knitting was one of these accidental hobby businesses. I thought I’d make some jewellry, sell it on ebay and see what happens. Then I came across stitch markers, which I had never really heard of and I thought I would try make some. I sold a few and then I made some more and I sold a few more and it went from there. It was very gradual and I surprised myself.
Where did knitting start for you?

I learned to knit when I was about six years old, knitting scarves and things like that.  I have knitted things since which I would say are a little more complicated like cables, adding in beads and such but I don’t have the time to do a lot of knitting. I’ve been to a lot of the knitting shows and bought a lot of hand-dyed yarn but I haven’t turned it into anything. Which is a real shame but I think I have one day, I will have time to do this, I have a massive Ravelry queue but I haven’t had time to knit it yet.

What is in store for Atomic Knitting next?

I am online at the moment but am starting to look for workshop premises to get more space. I have a whole list of product ideas which I have written down over the years but not developed so I will start looking at those too.

You can find out more on Atomic Knitting here

*This is an edited interview that appeared in the subscription

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