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5 Pub-Perfect Crochet Patterns

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One of the best things about crochet is that it is perfect for pub-crafting. Once you've mastered the feel of the stitches it is entirely possible to maintain good crochet along with good beer.

Just make sure the project you take out with you has lots of simple repeats in case you get a bit carried away.

Here are a few that will keep you going while the drinks are flowing:

Cherry Blooms Stole - located here on Ravelry

Now I wouldn't normally endorse the use of lace when pub-crafting after my whole Byatt Shawl lace debacle after a glass of wine but the magic of lace sometimes is that it can repeat in a very mesmerising way, which this stole does. Perfect for pub-crochet just, you know, get into the rhythm before the first drink.

Crochet Pot Holder by Knot Just Crocheted

Small projects are great for social crochet. Something that would take a couple of hours on your sofa could last a whole evening at the bar.

Afghan Block by Annette Petavy

Just because you are out and about doesn't mean you cannot do a BIG project, you just need to do it in small chunks, like this Afghan Block by Annette Petavy. And much in the same vein is the...

Stabby Granny by Set Free My Gypsy Soul

We are particularly fond of the 80s colourways for this excellent CAL which is taking place at the moment. But any of these bright coloured squares made for great pub projects.

Bowie Mitts by Sonic Knits

We know these work in the pub because we started the design in the pub. Nothing says fun times more than someone pouring over graph paper and saying 'shush, I'm counting' but you don't have to do that because I did! You can just get on with the crochet.

DISCLAIMER: These projects also work equally as well over a cuppa and some cake.


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