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5 Reasons To Crochet

Fiona Brennan #crochetgirlgang 5 reasons to crochet

Crochet is not knitting, even though the finished art looks strikingly similar. I always argue that the two required different skills and it might be why some knitters find it hard to transition to crochet and vice versa. They approach the skill in the same way and this will ultimately lead to frustration.

So, if you are planning to learn a new skill this year and think crochet might be the one for you here are 5 compelling reasons to do so:

It's Quick

Unless you are a speed-knitter, (in which case kudos!), crochet is a very fast way to whip up projects. I can get through a pair of mittens in two evenings using crochet. I'm not a particularly fast knitter so the same in knitting would take a week including weaving in ends.

Got an unexpected birthday gift to make? Crochet is your pal.

It's Portable

One hook, a skein and you're away. Crochet is wonderfully portable. You can do it on packed public transport (hello London rush hour) and sneak it into your bag without getting tangled.

It's Cheap

We can put out crochet boxes together for almost half the price of knitting because it is just that much more cash-friendly. This is why there are lots of crochet subscription boxes out there. A little can go a long way in crochet.

Cuteness Overload

Amigurumi just rules. Those  little creatures are the reason I learned to crochet. Mini woollen figures that look just as cool as the vinyl figures I collect but could make myself? No brainer. Once you get the hang of the shapes you can start creating your own.  I love all the cactus, fruit and donuts out there right now. They make great present too. I once filled my son's birthday party bags with little amigurimi creatures. Heck, I think I'll do the same this year.

Fashion, Baby!

Crochet bags, clutches, purses in those bright pastel colours? Made yourself so you don't see five other people carring them. Crochet is big right now. I saw the most beautiful tapestry crochet make-up bag on Instagram the other day which spelt out 'MASACARA'. That's something to show off in the loos while topping up your lippy (or eyeliner in my case).

So go on, give it a go. Grab a hook and a ball of wool and join the massive #crochetgirlgang getting down on Instagram.

You can get your hands on our kits here.

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