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Bees and brooches: Ginger Pickle

Fiona Brennan

This month's gift has been hand made by Ginger Pickle,  a super cool wooden bee brooch and an illustrated card. There were four different card designs, one card per box so not all boxes were identical this month.

Ginger Pickle created the bee pin that adorned the sewing bag of Charlotte, winner of the Great British Sewing Bee 2016 and she has since endorsed the wonderful work of Jade Murray, the woman behind Ginger Pickle. We caught up with her to find out how she started the store and how she felt about being an accidental Sewing Bee star.

Jade started Ginger Pickle following her graduation from Art School with the aim to sell work created by British designers. This led to her designing her own jewellry and that then taking over what she initially set out to do.

"I enjoyed selling work by British designers but I didn't have enough time to dedicate to doing that and making my own stuff, which I enjoyed a lot more. There was a lot in retailing others' work and in the end I had to decide to just focus on designing my own

"I had a part time job when I started but it became too much working and running the business so for the business to grow I had to give up the part time job. I was lucky in that I was still living with my parents so didn't have to worry abou the outgoings and could focus on Ginger Pickle

"It is crazy though, because I did start out selling other people's stuff and didn't think I would ever be stocked in other stores or appearing at trade shows".

When asked what her greatest achievements are to do date Jade explains that the ones she worked for always mean more than the ones that were just by chance. It is this sense of modesty, not realising that it was the strength of her style and designs that had brought the 'by chances' into her lap, that makes Jade quite humble about her successes.

"Getting stocked in Joy was really cool. They found me at a trade show and I was so excited because these were my first major clients and they have 22 stores across the UK. They didn't just place one order, they place big orders frequently. It was an 'oh wow' moment for me.

"My bunny necklace was also worn by an actor on the CBBC show 'Dumping Ground'. It was bought through Not On The High Street; I didn't realise it was for a show until I met up with another designer who sells through that outlet and they said they'd had something on Dr Who. I thought that was quite cool and I didn't do any work for it."

It is this same humility that comes across when discussing the Sewing Bee and Charlotte's love of Ginger Pickle.

"A friend had originally seen the brooch on instagram and recognised it. I didn't think anything of it and never saw Sewing Bee but I was later told that Charlotte had one and she had worn the brooch on her bag every week into the sewing room. It was really cool to be part of that. We did a competition together after it was announced that she'd won. It's crazy and I just find it nice that she wore my brooch and hopefully others will like it too."

Jade is relocating back to Aberdeen later this year, where she originally comes from. Her dreams for the business would be to have her own studio but at the moment that is not possible. She'd like to find the time to design more things for her collection and we hope that we see more coming from Jade and Ginger Pickle in the future.

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  • Shelley on

    Loved this post.
    Thanks for sharing. Loving the little cute brooches X

  • JAde mUrray on

    What a fabulous article! Loved reading this, your writing style is awesome. Thanks so much for interviewing me for your blog! Xxx

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