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Derbyshire Dyers Market


We are honoured to be part of a dyers market on Facebook alongside three awesome hand-dyers in Derbyshire. Each month there is a theme to the yarn we are dyeing especially for this market page on Facebook here.  In the run up to the event you can access a password which will allow you to purchase all the lovely hand-dyed exclusive yarn you see on there. The market is held on the last Sunday of the month. 

The other dyers in the group are Green Lambkin Yarns, Peak District Yarns and Wild Spinster

The theme for September is Harvest and while I love working to themes because I find tight parameters really help focus creativity, it was not a theme I'd normally have thought about. But I like that this was taking me out of my comfort zone and would take my yarn colours into new areas. 

I started with a pin board, which you can see on my personal account here. The basic image search for Harvest pulled up the usual oranges, yellows, red and browns. The colours of Autumn that we love so much but that was somewhat obvious and seemed it bit too uninspired. So I started looking back to what I know: music. The amazing Steve von Til of Neurosis has a solo project called Harvestman. Not only are these creatures in abundance in September, or at least they are in my house, they are also fitting with the theme. 

I pulled out some of his records to listen to and pinned down recent art work. I liked how the graphic lines on the cover replicated an image of red tractors running over fields and that in turn reminded me of red blood lines, stretch marks and how children can bring you happily into the autumn of life. Moving graphic red lines would need to make part of a colourway. 


Next I looked at the animal itself: the harvestman or daddy long legs as I've known them. The long spindly legs, delicate wings that you can see the wall through, the way they clumsily flutter around as though the legs are too troublesome to manoeuvre properly and with grace. 

Daddy Long Legs

Finally I hit on some images that I was not expecting but that filled the more colourful and fun aspect of my yarn pallettes: the grape harvest. Of course I need to bring it back to wine. I poured over images of grape festivals around the world and how much in colour and atmosphere these differ from taking tins of corned beef to the local church for harvest festival UK-style. 

This has become the final and my personal favourite colourway: I Love To Kiss Your Wine Stained Lips

I Love To Kiss Your Wine Stained Lips

So here are my three colour ways for the market evening and not a drop of orange or brown in sight. 

What I also love about this group is that none of us have approached the theme in the same way at all. You can check out the preview album ready for selling night on Sunday 24 September over on Facebook here

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