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FREE Crochet Heart Garland Pattern


Get ready for Valentine's Day with this cute crochet heart garland pattern. It is great for using up your stash or a little mini skein that you have to hand. 

You can use the hearts separately or chain them together in a garland. 

You will need: 

10-15g 4ply yarn 

4mm crochet hook (you can use any size though)


  1. ch2
  2. 3dc in first ch
  3. turn ch1 and dc across [3]
  4. ch1 (doesn't count throughout), dc, 3dc, dc [5]
  5. ch1, dc across
  6. ch1, dc1, 2dc, dc1, 2dc, dc1 [7]
  7. ch1, dc across
  8. ch1, dc1, 2dc, dc 3, 2dc, dc1 [9]
  9. ch1, dc across 
  10. ch1, dc1, 2dc, dc 5, 2dc, dc1 [11]
  11. ch1, dc across
  12. ch1, skip 1, dc, 2htr, 6tr, 2htr, dc, 2htr, 6tr, 2htr, dc, skip1, slip stitch. 

You will want to make around 12 of these for a garland long enough to decorate a chimney breast. 

Make the garland:

ch12, *slip stitch into side stitch on row 11 of heart (just before you make the heart bumps), ch 11, slip stitch into the other side of row 11, ch14

Repeat from * to attach all of your hearts, ensuring they don't twist the wrong way as you go. ch 12 at end. 

Please do share your heart garlands for valentine's day on instagram. You can find me here:




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