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How to change colour in the round

Fiona Brennan

Once you have mastered knitting in the round, there is every chance you do not want to just keep on knitting in one single colour. 

Changing colours in the round can present some problems. It is easier to pull the yarn across too tightly and find you can't fit your arm, hand, head, foot into the thing you've just lovingly made. 

Knitting with colour in the round can really benefit from going slowly. So have a look at this short tutorial showing you how to change colours while knitting in the round. 


To round up (hehe... pun intended): 

- Spread your stitches out across the needle as you are about to change colour.

- Bring the yarn loosely across the back of the stitches and twist across your current colour

- Don't get into a big yarny mess, if you twisted one way on your last colour change, twist back the other way on the next. 

- Keep practising. 

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