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How to find time to make

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I have a family, a business, a freelance bill-paying contract and a whole load of unread emails. There's several projects on the go at the moment, a failed sock challenge from Everyday Knitter Facebook group and a number of patterns in development. Finding time to knit, for myself, is becoming problematic.

Although in the great scheme of problems, this is a small one but one which needs to be addressed nonetheless. Do you ever find yourself needing more time to make? Wondering how you are going to finish all your crafty plans?

Fear not! Here is my guide to getting it done:

1. Make small pieces of time

There are endless hours for faffery in the day. I reckon I waste at least a good couple of hours checking my phone. That's pure knitting time right there. I keep a project with me at all times, just in case. Sat waiting for my laptop to load up on a morning - knitting time. Waiting for the kettle to boil - knitting time. I even multi-tasked my way through an online meeting last week while dyeing yarn.

I know it's not good to leave your knitting mid-row but sometimes it needs to be done so something can get done.

2. Monday Make Day

You know that massive list of things you need to get around to doing? The stash sorting, ball winding, looking for the missing needle or hook? Make it your Monday task. Either do it first thing before anything else, or last thing before bed. Cast on that idea you've got or the present you want to make. One bit at a time. It doesn't even have to be a Monday, make it any day of the week.

3. Get hooked on a series

Come on Winter Is Coming billboard posters, you are heralding my solid hour of knitting time guaranteed once a week. Winter chuffing well will be here before I finish this project if you don't hurry up and get back on my TV.

4. Make on the move

My friend tells me that in Hong Kong it's perfectly normal to walk down the street and see someone knitting. Let's start that trend here. If you can watch TV and knit, why not walk and knit? If you are unfortunate, like me, to get travel sick the moment you pick up your pins in the car, then walk and whip might be the answer. If only I could knit on the treadmill...

5. Schedule it in

Life gets pretty busy. Blocking out calendar time to do your own thing is sometimes the best way to go about it.

6. Learn to sleep-craft

That's eight useable hours of making wasted each night without the sleep-craft skills.

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