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How To Find Your Knitting Style

Gina Brennan

Knitting (and crochet), is a craft often passed down from mother-to-child and so I am always curious how a skill like knitting is so dependent upon the individual for the process of the knit itself. I wanted to share with you how I came into knitting and why you should find your own knitting style.

Having a large family my mother would spend her evenings knitting yet another cardigan or jumper for one of us. Watching her I was always amazed how the ball of wool would 'magically' turn into something beautiful. At first I had no interest in learning to knit, my pleasure came from watching; it looked far too difficult for me to do. As I got a bit older and braver I asked my mum if she could teach me how to knit. At first I was constantly dropping stiches or gaining them. It took forever to complete one line and seemed very unlikely that I would ever be able to knit like my mum.

Perseverance and my mum's encouragement eventually paid off. To my amazement I could knit a whole blanket square with each row starting and ending with the same number of stitches. Eureka!

Out of the comfort zone

Since those early days I have gone on to knit many items, in particular all the lovely baby knits for my children, nieces and nephews as they came along. As my own children were growing I became more adventurous with my knits, trying different wools and patterns. I made many mistakes but isn't that how we learn?

Family life put a stop to my knitting for some years, there always seemed to be something else that needed doing or somewhere I had to go. Now that my children are grown up and fled the nest, one advantage is having time to do the things I enjoy best. I love knitting for my grandchildren just as much as I did for my own children.

Selfish Knitter or Gifter Knitter?

I find knitting very relaxing and get great pleasure from it. I would happily knit for England given the time, just as long as I do not have to knit something for myself. Having tried many times but never completing an item I long ago decided knitting for me, is not for me.

It's all in the hands 

Have you ever watched someone knitting and thought 'don't they hold their needles funny'? I have and it started with my mum. I think one of the reasons it took me a while to get the hang of knitting was because I was trying to hold the needles like she did. I couldn't do it the same way so eventually I found a way that felt comfortable to me and that is what matters. It works for me.

When it comes to choosing wool it has to feel right. From 4ply to chunky I really do not mind. There are some wools I cannot touch, they are what I term 'furry wools'. We are all individuals what suits one will not suit another.

Knit to your lifestyle

One of the things I like about knitting is you can put it down after a row or two or equally, if the mood takes you, spend a whole evening merrily knitting away. Speed is not essential; again we are all different and should adapt to our own style. Sometimes if I am working on a big project I will knit a bit faster because I am always looking forward to starting the next project.

Knitting style is personal

Overall I believe we should only knit to please ourselves, knitting is a pleasurable pastime that should always be enjoyable. This may be by making something wonderful for yourself or to give as a gift to someone you care about.
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