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How to knit in the round

Fiona Brennan

Knitting in the round is great. There is none of that pesky sewing up seams business at the end of your knitting and once you've mastered it, you are away making hats, sleeves, sock monsters, you name it. 

But mostly, knitting in the round is great because of the whole not having to sew up a seam. Finishing off is less of a pain and you can try as you go. 

Plus, once you start knitting in the round, you are only a mere moment away from knitting socks which your feet will love you for every day. 

I've put together a quick video tutorial below about how to join in the round (and how not to) and where your inside and outside stitches will be on the finished piece. 

Check it out here: 


To summarise: 

You can join your stitches in the round by taking the first cast on stitch and passing it over to the left hand needle and then passing your last cast on stitch over to your right hand needle. 

You do not, as I first did, just carry on knitting and figure it all out later. 

Make sure you place a marker at the start or end of the round. Without this you may end up losing the start of the round and have a lopsided hat or sleeve. No one wants that. 

Once joined and marker placed, just keep knitting. Your stockinette stitch will appear on the inside of the tube of fabric, which you will then turn inside out when finished to be the outside of the fabric. No purl stitches needed. 

Unless you do want to purl to make a rib effect. There will be another video for that. 

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