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How to: Magic Loop

Fiona Brennan

Our knitting pattern this month required a magic loop on the circular needles to join the hat in the round.

Magic loop is a great skill to learn because once you've mastered it it will change how you can knit socks, sleeves, hats and basically anything else that's tube-shaped. I'm told you can even magic up two socks at once but I'll be learning that skill along with you.

I've made a short demonstration video below but clearly I couldn't get the sound to work so you miss out on my excellent instructions in a peppy Yorkshire accent.

Instead I've done a step-by-step written instruction to go along with the video:

1. Cast on your stitches and push them down to the middle of the cable.

2. Find the middle of your stitches and pull the cable through the middle of your stitches.

3. Push each half of the stitches onto each needle and join in the round (this is the bit in the video where I'm fiddling around as I'm showing you how to join in the round but I think that's a whole other post with audio).

4. Once joined, pull the stitches down off your right-hand needle onto the cable. You should now have two parts of cable on either side of these stitches. This is important: you need two cable loops between the stitches UNLESS you have all the stitches on both needles.

5. Knit from left to right as usual.

6. Pull your original right-needle stitches up onto your left needle. You should now have both sets of stitches on both needles again.

7. Push the current stitches on your right-hand needle down onto the cable and knit left to right.

8. Repeat the last two moves until your pattern needs you to change. You've magic looped this up!

Please do let me know how you get on.

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