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I've Got Needles Coming Out Of My Ears

Fiona Brennan crochet hooks knitting needles subscription box

We started including knitting needles and crochet hooks in the boxes because I am forever losing one down the back of the sofa or don't have the right size or I have DPNs but not circular and I'd prefer circular for that project and I could go on.

Recently I was gifted a knitting kit that required 1.5mm needles. Now I don't think I would trust myself with such teeny tiny needles, I am too heavy handed. I've gone through enough 2.5mm when trying to turn a heel that I knew something so small wouldn't work. And currently the smallest size I have is a 2.75mm dpns.

So, there I was at 10pm on a Friday evening, all excited about starting another new project but unable to do so because I had to source some iddy-biddy double point needles. And this is why we include needles in our boxes - so you don't find yourself ready to swatch without needles to do so.

We know that not all our knitters will get the right gauge from the needles we send, we assume they have a stash of sizes they can test if they don't. We also realise that some people might have enough needles or hooks that they do not need any more.

Did you know you can swap your needles and hooks out of the box? We'll send you something of equal value to replace them. You just need to let us know.

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