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Knitting Hour with Nadia Majid

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Knitters are social creatures. We like to surround ourselves not only with woolly things, but also with people who are much like us and enjoy the same love of knitting.

I believe that whatever we do while we knit is woven into our projects. That scarf? It’s the result of binging on our favourite TV show. Those socks? Many hours were spent in knit club making them as we talked to fellow-knitters about our day, the latest patterns and purchases. That jumper? Well, those were countless hours spent with people we love, doing things we enjoy. Perhaps it’s even travelled with us on holidays.

What with social media making up such a large part of our lives nowadays, it comes as no surprise that knitters, too, have found their niche in the digital world of the internet.

As a result, #knittinghour came into being. It began on Twitter in January 2014 and had a small, but loyal following, including me, who used the hashtag to chat about their knits once a week. It was a welcome change from other Twitter chats that were full of promos and people trying to sell their products. Instead, #knittinghour was all about having a nice time with likeminded people.

Then, suddenly, about a year later, the host disappeared. For a short period we kept going, a little bit rudderless, but refusing to let go of this great idea. I decided to take over as host and, luckily, I didn’t scare anyone off. To this day, #knittinghour continues every Thursday at 7:30 PM and even though our chat does turn to food, cocktails and mermaids quite often, ultimately it is all about knitting, what we are making, and what to cast on next. By now friendships have formed and we are always happy to have new knitters join us, so don’t be shy! We don’t bite. We might just poke you with our needles once in a while.

Last year we even had a knitalong for those who wanted to try their hand at their first pair of socks. I love that the person who was the least confident at the start has now turned into a real sockaholic! She loves knitting them and it looks like she’ll never stop. If you want to give it a go, too, you can find the instructions on Abso-knitting-lutely (


If you ever need company online or need help with knitting, come and join us and you’ll be welcomed. We’re keen to get to know you and happy to help with any yarny dilemmas.

About Nadia:

Nadia is the owner of Abso-knitting-lutely (, a blog about knitting, spinning and (occasionally) yarn dyeing. She likes making fiddly things and is taking years to knit her first jumper.

Find her on Twitter as @KnittyNadia.

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