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Puff-Stitch: why must you confuse me so?

Fiona Brennan

Sometimes a perfectly reasonable stitch decides to have a mind of its own and throw your whole sense of craft-ability into question. This month the humble puff-stitch decided to do just that for me.

I was making up the sample from our March crochet kit, Back In Black. It's lovely yarn and an even more lovely pattern. Really easy to follow and takes no time at all to feel like you're making progress - as all good crochet should. And then I reached the puff-stitch row which became my undoing.

I’ve not done a puff-stitch before but it is pretty straight forward – a wrapping action through the stitch to make seven loops before pulling it all through into one big puffy (or sometimes known as popcorn) stitch. It looks very snazzy. But at the end of the second repeat I had WAY too many stitches. I pull and I tried again. And again. Before going onto one of my lovely crochet groups and asking for help.

Which they did. I still couldn’t work out how I was getting it so wrong but I ripped and re-tried, ripped and re-tried. Then took a time-out. When I reapproached the project it made more sense and now I feel I have a new skill.

I don’t believe the pattern was particularly testing beyond any of our other advanced-beginner projects, it was just testing for me because it was something new that I’d not done before. But the support was there and if anyone comes back who is also struggling with the puff-stitch, I’ll know how they feel and how to help.

This has turned out to be one of my favourite crochet months because I couldn’t do it straight away. It got me out of my safe zone and improved my skills. Sometimes we all need a bit of direction with new things but giving it a go is immensely satisfying.

And where was I going wrong? Well I thought I had too many stitches but it just turns out I was counting in some of the side stitches and not looking at my work properly. I probably had the right amount of stitches the whole time but frustration was blinding me.

Can't wait to share the finished object later this week.

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PS. Think our boxes might be a stretch for your skills? Let us know and we’ll always offer support over email or Skype.

Our boxes are always advanced beginner to explore all the knitting and crochet techniques out there. You might not have tried one of them before but we can promise you’ll enjoy the journey getting to know it.


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