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Between both me and Gina we have a lot of wool on the needles and hooks at the moment. Aside from planning future boxes, making up samples and working on pattern development we also have a lot of personal projects on the go too. We wanted to share some of what we are working on each month.

I suffer from Ravelry-itis. My project queue grows out of hand and I simply want to knit EVERYTHING. I have promised myself not to buy any more books until I do at least one project from each of the books I already own. I must stop buying new patterns until I have created all the ones I already own.

I'm also glad I am not on my own with this and that when I talk to other knitters and crocheters I find that everyone has multiple projects on the go and lots more in the planning. I was pleasantly surprised when I interviewed designer and tech-editor, Karen Butler, to hear how much she was working on at any one time. And to find out that she always has a pair of socks on the go.

Anyone playing yarny bingo will now know my deep sock secret - I too suffer from the dreaded second sock syndrome. The teenager in me is quite happy with this since I spent quite a number of years refusing to wear matching socks since twinning my feet up seemed not punk enough. I wasn't going to conform to the social rules that your socks must match.

Now it is because I love knitting socks but apparently only the first one. I have a cuff started for a second sock but it looks like a nest of knots and bent circular needles. I wonder if I will ever finish it or just roll up a hank of sock yarn I bought from Knit Global at Leeds Wool Fest earlier this year to start yet another single sock. Perhaps the time has finally come to learn the two sock cast on?

Other than never finishing socks, I am also working on a new WOWLIGAN for my daughter. I made her a beautiful grey one last year and was gutted when she outgrew it. Thankfully, all her knits get handed on to a friend so I will see the cardie again.

I know that many crafters fall into either crochet or knitting with not quite as many slipping between the two crafts. I love splitting my time between both. Sometimes I just need the rhythmic hook and loop for crochet to rest my mind. I treated myself one of Amanda Bloom's Little Box of Crochet earlier this month. I spend a lot of time planning and hunting out things for our boxes that I felt I needed someone else to do the hard work for me. I have her lovely tea cosy to finish and pop onto the beautiful teapot my son bought me for my birthday. I will post a picture of the finished project and the lovely cup of tea that will await me.

For our own boxes, I have been working on some pattern development for the next two months. It has been fun testing out ideas on friends and yarn-makers alike. The wool-producer for our January crochet box is very much looking forward to getting a sneak preview of our pattern.

I hope to get these all finished this week and be able to flash some shots of the finished projects very soon as I am craving a BIG project. I think another jumper is being called for. If anyone fancies a knit-a-long, please get in touch.

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