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Confessions of a selfish knitter

Fiona Brennan


Hello. I'm a selfish knitter. Using my me-time, (you know getting the bus, watching the kids do classes, waiting around for things), I make things with wool. It's called knitting. I buy my wool and needles with money that I've gone and earned all by myself and then I make things with them. For me. In my me-time. 

I have friends too, you know. A few of them so that's not why I selfishly knit for myself with my time and my money. Here let me introduce you to some... 

Selfish Trainspotter

This man spends entire weekends and retirement taking down the numbers of train engines FOR HIMSELF and has not gifted his notebook to any other deserving person. Event spot-worthy ones. 

Selfish golfer

This golfer uses immense amounts of spare time scouring golfsy for the perfect hand made club and painted balls. The selfish golfer can them be seen batting them around a field for his own enjoyment only for them to fall into teeny tiny holes and have to pull them out again all by himself. Unless he is ultra self-less, in which case he hires a second person to hand him his clubs and pick up his mess after him. 

Selfish Classic Car Enthusiast

Travelling over the country to look at cars with his own eyes and completely not for the enjoyment of others, this selfish classic car enthusiast has the gall to waste entire weekends surrounded by petrol fumes and doesn't care one jot for gifting his sight to another deserving person so they may too see the classic-ness of these cars too. 


"We make the music for ourselves because we are compelled to do so and if anyone else likes it, well that just a bonus" said every musician ever. 

Selfish Runner

These men and women take lots of time making their legs go one foot in front of the other at ever increasing speed and distances without posting their efforts on Facebook to raise money

So there you go. The selfish knitter is not an island. And if she were, she'd be a particularly stylish and very warm one anyway. 


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  • Barb Masterson on

    Hurray for the selfish knitter. Knitters spend hours learning stitches and patterns and should not feel guilty when they say “No” to requests for items. People who do not knit do not realize the time, patience and skill it takes to make anything AND they are not willing to pay for the yarn and the knitters time to complete the item.

  • Sheila Hewitt on

    I need to get me some of this. Do you do classes?

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