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Why we love Christmas Jumpers

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It’s that time of year again, although in my opinion it’s still too soon. I guess you could say I’m a bit of a Bah Humbug with everyone (it seems that way) counting down the days to Christmas. I’m sure shops start advertising earlier each year. I know people need to plan and budget for it and for some people it is the most exciting time of year but please can you do it quietly and let me drift into beautiful Autumn first.

I actually love Christmas and now that my children are grown up I have the privilege of being able to watch my beautiful grandchildren enjoy this magical time.

Over the years I have made quite a few Christmas jumpers, all for my children and grandchildren of course. From Santa Claus to Snowmen to reindeers and any other festive figure you could think of. Some have been absolute disasters, especially my first few attempts.

In the early days I would rush home with my lovely pattern and yarn so excited because I knew my child was going to be so pleased they had a clever mum…wrong. My big fat snowman or jolly Santa Claus looked like they had been on a starvation diet, I had pulled the wool so tight when using the different colours. If that wasn’t bad enough the necks were so tight my poor child had no chance of getting their heads through! Then there was all those loose strands of yarn at the back of the garment and why have I got those holes in it? I can knit, I have made plenty of items, I even taught myself how to cable.

It took a few attempts to realise what I was doing wrong. I now know my tension was all wrong, the yarn needs to be loose enough to carry along the back of the garment, I should have twisted my yarns when changing colours and loose ends needed to be carefully woven in.

I glad to say my Christmas jumpers improved over the years, at the moment (I know it’s not December) I am in the middle of making a snowman jumper for my young grandson. He had no real preference as to what was on it but he spotted some Santa Claus buttons whilst we were shopping and asked if they could go on his jumper. I think they might look quite good as the snowman’s buttons.

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