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Why We Need a Good Challenge

Fiona Brennan

Do you ever get craft-fatigue? That lull in motivation to knit, crochet or sew that probably comes from an over-whelming amount of works-in-progress (WIPs) on the go. Which is often combined with the need to cast on something new to reignite your interest and then the feeling that you need to knit all the things. Sound familiar?

Does becoming a completer-finisher seem like a life goal at times? Well this is when we need a good challenge. In the fabulous Everyday Knitter Facebook group they hold monthly challenges to get you trying something new with the aim to complete it in a month.


I’ll have to be honest, I’ve yet to complete one but they have kick started a new burst of craft energy from me and that’s the main thing. February was sock-month. I have a real issue with second-sock syndrome. I’ve got lots of half finished second-socks and finally, last Friday, I got all the way to the almost-finish line. I just have to do my Kitchener stitch and then I will have one-pair of matching socks. Which is the first for about 3 years. All thanks to a challenge.


When I started the challenge on 1 February I had about four WIPS on the go. I still have 4 WIPs on the go but I am now motivated to finish them because of the renewed sense of satisfaction of oh-so-nearly completing a challenge a month late.


Instagram challenges are also a good way to kick start something. Mostly being a bit more switched on with Instagram but going into the hashtag for the challenge and finding a bunch of people who are reading and doing the same things as me.  Chances are I have a lot in common with them and so I get to connect to them. That builds a supportive and motivating community around when I get the craft-fatigue.


Perhaps the best part of the challenge is the end, especially if you’ve been making something. You get to share your work with others. This is something that can be nerve-wracking, especially if you are not confident about your crafty-skills. But people are really supportive and positive which can give anyone’s confidence a boost. Not getting something or not doing it the prescribed way is never a bad thing. Every knit, every crochet is a personal thing and the bits you fluff make it unique, add to its story.



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