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Would you like a sneak peek at September’s box?


We know that when you buy a mystery box you take a chance on a surprise. It is part of the fun but also part of the risk. So, would you like to find out what we have coming up this month? And have the chance to win one of the contents?

If like me, you get to the knitting time and find yourself utterly brain dead from a full on day yet faced with ALL the choices that you NEED to knit right now in the wool that you HAVE to buy or else you might just explode from the sheer decision-making of it all then you will understand how it all often ends up with just pootling around on the internet. I blame Ravelry, oh wonderful Ravelry with all your beautiful projects, all is forgiven for making us want to knit ALL the things.

So it was on one of these evening pootles that Yarnistry and I bumped into each other. She, a chemist in the West Midlands and I sat in my pyjamas on the sofa in the Peaks, it was laughter at first tweet. Emma, for that is her name, was creating these fabulous notions that I’d not seen before and we bonded over the idea of expletive knitting notions.

Now I love the idea of sitting knitting sweetly in public with a couple of profanities hanging off my lace and cables but it is not everyone’s cuppa tea. Unless you are particularly keen for some x-rated knitting notions (in which case please do let me know) we are not including these but Yarnistry is making some rather special markers for the boxes this month that are not currently on sale on her site.

These acrylic, laser cut markers come in bright colours with handy knitting terms so you know where you were in the pattern if you are prone to having some long-term wips. More importantly, they just look amazing.

So, fancy getting your hands on a set? Well, you can sign up to September’s box here where you will get this, an exclusive to Sonic Knits pattern, some of my all-time favourite yarn, needles, and another decorative gift to match.

And Yarnistry have kindly offered one set of markers to a lucky winner. All you need to do is comment on the blog post here what your markers would say. While tempting as it is to have something puerile on my markers, I think I would have ‘MAKE’ on mine in a bright red.  The competition closes at midday on Friday 19 August and we will announce the winner soon afterwards.

If you also keep an eye on Emma’s blog over here, you might also find a giveaway from Sonic Knits in return.

Good luck and happy knitting!


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  • Maria on

    My markers would said “punto” that is a spanish word that means knitting, but also stitch and full stop:)

  • Wafflesalot on

    I’d probably have something like EtOH to mark where I commenced drinking of the wine in case I make mistakes (or to mark an easy bit where concentration isn’t required and I can drink and knit! Or tea for those that don’t drink). Or Ffs for a bit I hate, OMG for tricky bits. LOL for where I’d made a mental note to stop knitting/crocheting 20 rows ago! I often forget where I’m upto in a pattern whilst still working on it (baby brain!) i.e when knitting the heel in a sock I forget if I knit all stitches or decrease on that row. So it would be handy to have a stitch marker that helped eg ‘nada’ for just knit or purl and ‘decrease’ or ‘fiddly’ indicating that round required more brain power. If that makes any sense!!!

  • Charlene on

    Mine would say INSANE depending on the complexity of the pattern i was doing in neon pink
    Or GAUGE in red.
    SYS for secret yarn stash. Every knitter knows about that! In blue my favourite colour

  • Julie on

    “Forward” is my knitting motto ! Westknits inspired, of course ! ;)

  • Sabine on

    My markers would say: pure joy, addicted, meditation, color in life

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