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Yarnistry Love

Fiona Brennan

Yarnistry is Emma Eggink and it is a combination of Yarn and Chemistry to bring together Emma's life's work with her love of all things knitting. Her success to date is a testiment to the quality and design of her products given the business itself is so young.

We have had the pleasure of Emma working with us on to boxes. In Ferbruary she designed this brilliant glitter Care Bear style heart marker for us:

"The inspiration for the heart design markers is a bit of a strange one," says Emma, "I racked my brains thinking of where to go with it; I’m not a soppy person, so didn’t want something too ‘lovey dovey’, and thought an anatomical heart might be a little bit much, but I also wanted something a little more interesting that a plain heart shaped cut out.

"I’m not sure what triggered it but for some reason I thought about Carebears, which as a child I loved and had a cuddly toy version of my own. From that I thought about the designs they had on them, and a bit of My Little Pony crept in and I came up with the design for the stitch markers!"

We caught up with Emma for a chat about the business and her knitting life.

How did Yarnistry begin?

I started Yarnistry at the beginning of July, all because I kept forgetting my increases and decreases. I couldn’t find any ‘reminder’ markers that I particularly liked, or thought would help me, so I decided to design and make my own. I made some, took them to my local stitch and sip group and everyone was very positive and bought some, so I listed the rest on Etsy and here we are two months later.
What inspired you to work in the medium of acrylic?
I work in an engineering department at the moment, my partner’s research area is in manufacturing (3D Printing), and in my previous research work I’ve used all sorts of materials, so using acrylic mainly came from there. The nice thing with the acrylic is the finish and the range of colours, so knowing where to hire a laser cutter it seemed the best choice for making my markers. 
When and how did you start knitting?
I taught myself to knit on YouTube - sorry no lovely stories about how my Nan taught me as a child. I only started about three years ago, having tried about a year or so before and getting fed up. I came to the end of my PhD, and we moved up to the West Midlands, I was meant to be writing my thesis but I took up knitting instead and joined a stitch and sip group. I can honestly say it’s the best thing I ever did and I find it such a good stress reliever.
Knitting or crochet?
Knitting. I can’t crochet. Well I tried, but I find it frustrating and get too annoyed that I just can’t do it. I will eventually make the Heidi Bears dinosaurs I have yarn for though.
What has been your favourite thing about running your own craft business?
I think my favourite thing might be talking to people. It’s been a bit of an odd experience, people suddenly know who you are. I also enjoy the custom work that I do as it’s amazing to see how imaginative and creative people are and brining those ideas to life can be challenging but it’s so nice to see at the end.
What has been the biggest challenge in starting Yarnistry?
Time. This is definitely my biggest issue. Research is an incredibly demanding job, and often it’s 24/7 with emails coming in and running samples etc, so juggling that with my business is a challenge. It’s difficult to fit all the new ideas I have and how they may fit in with what I do, designing them and then making them. I think this is probably a struggle for anyone who starts their own business, I’m definitely not alone.
What are your future plans for Yarnistry?

Yarnistry was started by accident in many ways, so it’s taken me a little while to work out what I want to do with it and where I want to go. I’m going to bring out some new products soon such as customisable sock blockers and an eletronic wool winder which is quite exciting. I’m doing quite a bit of custom design work for various yarn shops and also people with great ideas they want making which is really fun so I’m hoping to continue doing more of that. 
We expect to see more of Yarnistry and the great work she does. You can check out her website and Etsy shop

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