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Patterns for knitting a scarf for your boyfriend

Generally, people love to make something their own to surprise their loved ones even though the task seems to be difficult. So here most of the girls were thinking out of presenting the scarf which has been made by them through the knitting process.

The knitting is one of the processes which is used in garment production and all you need for knitting is knitting needles, yarn, scissors, and supporting supplies. If you have decided to knit a scarf for a boyfriend, get to learn them effectively.

Learning the knitting is not that tough task with patience and concentration you can easily learn them.

But learning is alone not important you should get aware of the trending men’s scarf free knitting patterns to make them unique.

Noro striped scarf

Noro striped scarf knitting pattern is one of the favourite scarf patterns by both boys and girls. Over the years they are setting a trend in the market and making the Noro striped scarf is like a fun activity, because you cannot imagine at the final stage type of colour you get.

Even though the scarf has manual striping, the end of the scarf looks amazing because you can match the various colour combination in each striping. It is a free pattern knitting so if you are a beginner to this knitting you can prefer this one.

Mistake stitch scarf

If you have an idea about how to knit you can go with this scarf pattern type. But the beginners can also make them if they are ready to handle the advanced project.

The final result of the scarf makes them look like there is a lot of work behind the scarf than it is. The advantage of this patter is the stitches hide the mistakes easily and to surprise your boyfriend it will be a perfect choice.

learning the knitting


Handspun scarf

Making this scarf is very simple and it is the easiest pattern of scarf knitting. The one-row handspun scarf requires one row of knitting and so you can easily make them narrow or wider version based upon your idea.

It will be the pattern in which you can do it easily with your handspun yarn.

Final words

There are several benefits of knitting a scarf for a boyfriend, it makes him surprise and fall in love again. But knitting the scarf is no easy task to accomplish so learn them properly before starting your knitting process.