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Most trend-setting sweater types

When the winter getting too cool everyone searches for the sweater instantly. If you are out for buying the sweaters you should know different styles of sweaters, so that only you can buy the one which is new to the market.

But you don’t have an idea on the styles of sweater here it is mentioned to help you in grasping the knowledge, so make use of it.


Cardigans are the one which always stays in the preference of the girls. If you are looking for a layered sweater option, you can prefer the lightweight cardigan.

These cardigans are coming with the open button or zipping models, so based on your wish you can buy the one. But some of those cardigans come with just open type.


Poncho is another sweater type for your winter preference. They are made of big pieces of fabric and this poncho will have the slit in their centre that is for your head.

These days, the poncho is also coming with the sleeves, side pockets and sometimes you can also find the turtlenecks. The ponchos go well with the leggings and skinny jeans and also give you a stylish look.


The silhouettes are the cropped sweater type which is setting the trend for a few years, but they won’t look like the sweaters. When you pair it up with the sneakers and jeans it creates a flirty and fun look.

The knot sweaters also come under the type of silhouette sweater type and when you wear it people think why you are wearing it. Because there will be a big knot in the backside so your body is getting exposed.

Cowlneck and mock neck sweaters

women’s sweatersIf you are not interested in turtle neck sweaters you can go for the alternative option that is a mock neck.

These mock necks are the shorter turtleneck category and you also have another option to choose that is Cowlneck.

The Cowlneck is more similar to the turtleneck but they are with the funnel neck. The neck shape that gives you the cute scarf like look to the sweaters.

Even though there are various types of women’s sweaters, you should be very clear about your option, or else you will be easily confused about what to choose from those sweater types.

Final thoughts

While buying the sweater you should choose a sweater for your body type, each of the sweaters has their unique look so know about it before making a final decision.