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Got a question about our boxes? Check here and if you don't see it, just send us an email.

I don't need any more needles, can I get a box without them?

You sure can! Just let us know. Either pop a note on the order or send us an email. We'll leave the needles or hook out and instead send you something else of equal value and of equal fun.

What sort of replacement comes if I don't have needles?

In the past we have sent notions bags, project bags, brooches, a bonus skein and a 'try something new' pack.

My box hasn't arrived, what do I do?

Email us. Right now. We ship out hundreds of boxes and very few go missing. Some international packages may take a little longer but Royal Mail is pretty good at getting your yarn to you. Send an email to and we'll sort it out.

Why is shipping so much for your 3 and 6 month packages?

We roll together three or six sets of shipping costs and then apply a bit of a discount so you save some money on the shipping as we realise you are paying up front for it all. If you don't fancy paying for shipping in bulk our rolling subscription might be a better option for you. You can cancel it when you want and you get special discounts for the longer you subscribe. You can find it here.

Why does international shipping cost so much?

We try keep shipping costs as low as possible for you. If you want to subscribe but feel left out because of the cost of shipping, please let us know. We will research the most cost effective option to your territory.

Why are your Special Kits more expensive than your monthly kits but contain the same?

Our monthly subscribers will always pay less for the kits than the one-off special kits that we may have left over at the end of the month. This is because we want to give our Club members the best deal and bonus bits. You'll always get a cheaper than RRP as a kit with us regardless though.

I don't like suprises. Can you tell me what is in the box next month?

We leave hints and clues on our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and newsletter. We send out updates every fortnight and include the themes for the upcoming months along with any details about who might be in the box.