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Welcome to our first podcast series where we will be looking at the new fibre skills we can learn and sharing our mistakes when doing so.

Episode 2: Spinning


 I try my hand at drop spindle spinning to interesting results below:

If you want to actually learn how to drop spin then check out:

Wiseheart Studio classes

Links from the episode:

Puff-Stitch: Why must you confuse me so?

Oh For Hook's Sake

Back in Black Crochet

Episode 1: Hand Dye

I give dyeing yarn my best shot. After talking to all the wonderful hand-dyers who have supplied our monthly boxes, I thought it best to get a full appreciation of their craft while making some ridiculous errors in judgement.

Show Notes


This is the first skein ready to set.

A better second attempt.


Why Is Yarn So Expensive?

Dyeing without a microwave

Yarn Dye Kits