Right Haircut

Is it better to cut your hair wet or dry?

Everyone will move the hair salon for the haircut, but in some instances you get a chance for cutting your hair.

It is something fun to do because most people don’t have a big knowledge about cutting the hair so you are going to try new things, in this case, while making it you can have some of the fun elements.

But when you are going to cut your hair you should grab some of the basic knowledge about it and help you in grasping the idea some of the things are mentioned below;

The first thing you have to do is wash hair before haircut that is to make them ready for the cut. Then you should know the texture of your hair that is a very important thing because that decides whether to cut the hair wet or dry.

It is your option to cut your own hair wet vs dry, but you should know how to cut the hair during they are wet or dry.

During the dry haircut, the hair might get shrink from their original size but when you cut during the wet hair, the task of cutting becomes too easier. But you are going to cut the hair from your home so the dry cut will be the better option.

Plan what type of style you want before initiating your haircut. There are several cutting techniques to prefer from so choosing the one based on your wish.

wash hair

When it comes to dry cutting vs. wet cutting, that get differs on your hair texture but if you want to have the natural hair dry cut will be the preferable one. You can also try the asymmetrical bob cut through the dry haircut.

Final verdicts

Before starting your haircut session on your grab the knowledge on basic things to know if you don’t want to wind up with mistakes.